Launching The Gizmo Dojo!

The Gizmo Dojo is a member-driven Makerspace where creative people in the Broomfield, CO area can gather to explore and create art and technology together. The Dojo seeks to lower barriers to creativity by providing space, resources, training, and infrastructure to its members and engaging the Broomfield community at large.

A Makerspace is comprised of four main components:
Community – people coming together and sharing ideas and teaching each other
High-end tools – that most people can’t afford on their own
Space – to house tools, projects, and let people bring their ideas together
Classes – to learn, grow and bring the community together

One of the major purposes of a makerspace is to provide the community with tools. This includes woodworking and metalworking tools (saws, lathes, mills, drills, that sort of stuff), a 3D printer, a sewing machine, an art area including maybe a kiln and a mini oxygen-acetylene torch for jewelry making, a CNC mill, a welder, soldering irons, an oscilloscope, maybe a signal generator, a logic sniffer, a laser cutter (more expensive), a computer for video editing, and some other odds and ends. We already have a GoPro, a former, and a bandsaw.

We have also started offering classes, including jewelry and chainmaille making, as well as 3D printing. They help people learn new skills and bring the community together. The opportunity to teach is open to anyone willing. Some ideas for future classes include (but are not limited to!): welding, sewing, programming, knitting, soldering, drawing, embroidery, arduino, flint knapping, circuit board design, carving, autonomous vehicles, Raspberry Pi, 3D modeling, and glass blowing.

We know you guys are busy and have your own lives, but to make this group a reality we need some help from you:

1: Get the word out. Talk to your friends and family. Post on Facebook, Twitter, your own personal blogs. Talk to strangers.

2: We have started accepting donations through our website, and every little bit helps so we can get this space up and running.

3: Keep an eye and ear out for rental spaces appropriate for a makerspace (it needs to be in a location zoned for small manufacturing work)

4: How can we make this a fun space? Let us know if you have any ideas for classes, tools, activities, or anything else by visiting our forums or emailing

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