Updates from this week!

(1) We have been having great discussions about projects for Broomfield Days (Sept 20th) and the NoCo Mini Maker Faire (Oct 4th) – check out The Paintapult and The Jack-o-Lantern Light threads on our forums

(2) We are, as always, collecting suggestions for new classes – right now ideas are being floated for Sewing, Intro to Arduinos, and Intro to Soldering, as well as an ambitious build for The Most Awesome Jack-o-Lantern Ever, possibly featuring ultrasonic sensors to trigger a light-and-sound response to movement. If you have requests or ideas for classes, even if you don’t know who could teach them, post them to the Class Ideas and Polls thread on our forums

(3) A big thank you to the members of DenHac for showing us their space and answering our questions! We hope to continue making these trips and meeting our fellow Makers/Hackers.

(4) Thank you to the members who have supplied pictures for our website so far, and please keep them coming! The more pictures we have – of member makes, events, classes, etc – the better our website will continue to get! Send pictures to Media@TheGizmoDojo.com

(5) We now have a plugin to connect our Meetup calendar with our website! Woo! It’s still in progress to make it look beautiful, but the basic information is now available through both sites.

Finally, a reminder that we DO NOT  have Monday meeting this week (Sept 1st) because DeVry is closed for Labor Day. Have a great week, keep making and coming up with new ideas, and we will see you for our meeting on Monday Sept 8th at 7 pm!


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