Catapult Instructions

Thanks for supporting The Gizmo Dojo, and we hope you have fun with your new catapult!

Once you are finished building your catapult, feel free to add it to the Build Logs thread in our forum if you want to, or if you need any help you can post your questions to the Project Help thread. We would love to see pictures of your build!

Ok, let’s get started. First off, you will need some wood glue. After you have that, open up your bag and you should have a bunch of parts that look like this:

Grab these parts:

Assemble them together, the two smaller pieces are the cross-braces, and they go between the larger pieces. Grab the two end pieces and put a little glue in the grooves, as shown:

Note the two holes in one of them. These holes go towards the back of the catapult. You can pick which side you want the holes on (left or right), but whatever side you choose is the hand you’re going to launch the catapult with. Put the end pieces on, making sure the back piece is the one with the two holes:

Now grab two of the little circles with cutouts. Put a little dab of glue on one:

Slide them together just right:

And you have some ammo:

Do the same with the rest of your ammunition. Then grab the next 2 pieces and apply a little glue as follows:

Then glue them together:

Tie the release latch to the base with the short string:

Tie a good knot in the bottom (you can use a drop of superglue if it doesn’t stay tied):

Tie the medium string to the other part of the release latch:

And tie a knot in the end. I like to use the figure-8 knot here, also known as the lock knot:

Now we’re going to put the “spring” into our catapult. Loop the long string through the center of the holes 4 times, capturing the two small pieces on the outside. Make sure you don’t criss-cross the string in the middle of the catapult, you want it to loop around the outside of the smaller pieces:

You will want to take up the slack here, but don’t worry about getting the string tight. Tie the two ends together, and make sure you have a good knot:

Set the catapult arm in the strings:

Make sure the release latch is over the arm. Don’t put any ammo in yet. Twist the two outer pieces the same direction (I think of it as forward) to tension the system (if you go the wrong way, the arm will want to turn the wrong direction):

Load some ammo, and release:

Have fun and be safe with your new catapult! If you have any suggestions for improvements, please let us know, or post about it on the forum. If you are missing any pieces, come talk to one of us at one of our meetings on Mondays, or send us an email.

Thanks again for supporting The Gizmo Dojo!

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